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Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Setup

Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Copier and Scanner Setup

PIXMA MX922 Series are wireless printers that have superior quality and have a lot of capabilities for you to use in the office or at home. The MX922 will also make you turn your office into a photo lab because this machine can print borderless photos and will look more professional at 8.5 x 11 sizes. This printer has My Image Garden software with organizing and printing your photos beautifully. has fun filters, calendar organization, automatic and easy layout suggestions for facial recognition. The PIXMA MX922 has a Superior 9600 x 2400 dpi maximum color and 5 individual ink tanks it will produce efficient and extraordinary printouts of your business documents. Print more of your document without changing the pigment black ink frequently because the printer has a higher yield pigment black ink tank option.

To use this type of printer, you must complete the Canon PIXMA MX922 Setup and after that you can enjoy using the printing services offered by Canon. To make it easier for you to work with this printer, you must complete Canon PIXMA MX922 Setup for your device. So read on and find out how you can complete printer setup for your device.

Easy Steps for Canon Pixma MX922 All in One Printer Setup 

  1. Once the printer is delivered to you, then you should check if all the components have been supplied. Then carefully set up the printer to enjoy uninterrupted service.
  2. Then Check the seal on the shipping box.
  3. If the seal is not available, then replace your Canon printer.
  4. Use scissors then cut the tape and open the cardboard.
  5. You make sure all components are delivered correctly.
  6. Then take out the Canon MX922 setup printer and make sure to place it on a flat surface.
  7. Then plug the power cable into the power port on the canon printer. And Plug the other end of the cable into a power source.
  8. Then press the ON button to activate the device.
  9. Then open the cassette and save enough white paper, then close it.
  10. Canon mx922 Install genuine and genuine ink tanks into your Canon printer.
  11. Then Finish the setup procedure by downloading and installing the drivers from this webpage on your computer.

How to Setup Canon Pixma MX922 Scan

  1. The guide you need to perform the scan is given below.
  2. Change your printer to active state if it is in sleep mode.
  3. Canon mx922 Install the driver on the system. Then After installing, then connect the USB cable between the printer and the rear port of the system.
  4. Then Use the Function buttons to change scan settings such as scan size, resolution or data format.
  5. The document to be scanned must be placed on the platen or into the Document feeder tray.
  6. Then the position of the document placement may vary. For the platen, mount the original with the printed side facing down.
  7. Then If you are using the ADF tray, then load media such as documents or photos with the printed side facing up.
  8. Then Press the Color or Black button to start the scanning process.
  9. Then after the scan process is complete, the file will be saved in the Default location.

Canon PIXMA MX922 WPS Setup for Windows

  1. The first thing you have to do is turn on your canon printer and wait until the alignment process is complete.
  2. Then Download and install the printer software on your Windows computer.
  3. Then Tap the Menu button or More Options on the operation panel.
  4. Then Select the WLAN Settings icon and wait until your printer detects an available network.
  5. Then Tap the Down button and select the WPS option.
  6. Then Touch PIN Code method and tap OK button.
  7. Then the PIN will appear on your printer's touchpad.
  8. Then Enter the PIN shown on your router configuration page.
  9. Your Canon MX922 setup printer will try to connect to your access point.
  10. Finally Press the OK button once the printer is connected to your network.

Canon PIXMA MX922 WPS Setup for Mac

  1. Make sure to keep your printer on.
  2. If you do not install the printer software, you cannot initiate a WPS connection.
  3. Then Download the software by clicking on the link given on this site.
  4. Then Double-click on the downloaded software to start the installation automatically.
  5. Then Connect the USB cable between the printer and your computer.
  6. Then Open Applications and select Canon Utilities.
  7. Then Select the Canon IJ Network Tool IJ Network Tool. Then When the drop-down box appears, then click Setup.
  8. Under the Your Printers section, select MX920 series. Then Click Wireless LAN OK Yes.
  9. Then Select your Canon MX922 with the Canon IJ Network tool in the Type section and click Add.
  10. Then After finishing all the settings, then disconnect the USB cable.

We hope that these simple steps will make it easier for you to connect the Canon PIXMA MX922 to WiFi to print your documents. Make sure you follow each of our handpicked guidelines carefully to avoid technical problems in the process. Once you have completed our preferred setup, you can print the document whenever you want to use your canon printer. If you still have any doubts about our Canon PIXMA MX922  WiFi Setup, we are recommending you to contact a Canon printer expert, then you have expert information to solve it quickly.

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