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Canon PIXMA MG6350 Wireless Setup

Canon PIXMA MG6350 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Copier and Scanner Setup

PIXMA MG6350 is a premium multifunction printer with touch screen and printing from mobile devices, this printer is user-friendly and convenient because it has an elegant flat design, Intelligent Touch System and an intuitive touch screen offering printing from mobile devices and the Internet. Has outstanding photo quality using paper, good canon ink and has a fairly quick and easy print duration. PIXMA MG6350 also has Print Resolution up to 9600 x 2400 dpi with FINE Inkjet print head technology, 6 color system with min 1pl ink droplet size and 6 individual ink tanks. If you have a PIXMA MG6350 printer it will be an extraordinary experience for your life because this printer will work according to your wishes whether at home or at the office.

To use this type of printer, you must complete the Canon PIXMA MG6350 Setup and after that you can enjoy using the printing services offered by Canon. To make it easier for you to work with this printer, you must complete Canon PIXMA MG6350 Setup for your device. So read on and find out how you can complete printer setup for your device.

PIXMA MG6350 Wireless Connection Setup

  1. First, Get recommendations on how to set up a wi-fi connection on the PIXMA MG6350 printer and also how you can reset the printer to a manufacturing unit configuration.
  2. Then some entry points (sometimes often called routers or hubs) displaying an auto-link button labeled "WPS" means Wi-Fi Protected Settings.
  3. devices like the PIXMA MG6350 allow you to connect to a network without having to enter a password, this will allow for a quick and easy technique to combine your products.
  4. Then This method is undoubtedly the best way to connect your PIXMA MG6350, if your accessibility position includes a WPS button, please select the 'WPS Connection Method' tab below for instructions on how to connect using this method.
  5. Then If your router supports WPS, we have offered preferred directions to receive your PIXMA MG6350 link.
  6. Finally, make sure you select the 'Standard Relationship Methods' tab below.

PIXMA MG6350 Wireless WPS Connection Method

Before we begin, several conditions must be met in order to use the WPS pushbutton method

  1. The access position must have a very real physical WPS power button available.
  2. Then please check with your device's user manual for details.
  3. And if the WPS pushbutton is not available, please use the instructions on the Standard Connection Method tab.
  4. Then your network must use the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol. And most of the WPS enabled access points to use this protocol.

Step 1

  1. First, Make sure your printer is turned on.
  2. Then press & hold the [Wi-Fi] button on the top of your printer until the alarm light flashes once.

Step 2

  1. Make sure the light next to this button starts flashing blue then go to your access point and press the [WPS] button within 2 minutes.
  2. Then For exact details on starting WPS on your access point, and please refer to its user guide.
  3. Then the Wi-Fi light (blue) on your printer will continue to flash while searching, and your power and Wi-Fi lights will flash when connecting to an access point.
  4. Finally, when the printer successfully establishes a connection to your wireless network, the power and Wi-Fi lights will stop blinking and remain on.

PIXMA MG6350 Wireless Standard

This is the driver that should provide complete operation in the model you choose. This driver also allows you to set up your printer to print and scan wirelessly. To improve people's expertise, we also recommend installing the My Image Garden software. A variation of this regular driver may be included on the CD that came with your first product.

Restoring your PIXMA MG6350 network settings back to the factory default settings

If you need to reset your network settings back to factory defaults, and if you change your access point, you can do so by following these instructions.

Follow the procedure below to initialize your network settings

  1. First, Press and hold the RESUME/CANCEL button until the alarm light flashes 17 times.
  2. Then Release the RESUME/CANCEL button.
  3. Then Network settings have been reset back to factory default settings.
  4. And If this process still fails after following this guide, please contact us for further assistance.

Canon PIXMA MG6350 Wireless Setup Manual Downloads

Download MG6300 series User Manual (Windows)

Download Guide for Quick Menu (Windows)

Download Guide for My Image Garden (Windows)

Download MG6300 series User Manual (Mac)

Download Guide for Quick Menu (Mac)

We hope that these simple steps will make it easier for you to connect the Canon PIXMA MG6350 to WiFi to print your documents. Make sure you follow each of our handpicked guidelines carefully to avoid technical problems in the process. Once you have completed our preferred setup, you can print the document whenever you want to use your canon printer. If you still have any doubts about our Canon PIXMA MG6350 WiFi Setup, we are recommending you to contact a Canon printer expert, then you have expert information to solve it quickly.

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