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Canon PIXMA TR8520 Wireless Setup

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Copier and Scanner Setup

PIXMA TR8520 is a printer that is powerful, compact, efficient at work and suitable for your use at the office or at home. This printer also solves your problems when doing your work either at home or at the office because this machine will print documents, reports, faxes, scans, concert tickets and family photos as desired and this printer is ready to help you. The PIXMA TR8520 also has front and back paper feed with an individual 5 ink system, has connectivity options, automatic 2-sided printing and has a memory card slot. If you have a printer this will be a wonderful and amazing experience in your life.

To use this type of printer, you must complete the Canon PIXMA TR8520 Setup and after that you can enjoy using the printing services offered by Canon. To make it easier for you to work with this printer, you must complete Canon PIXMA TR8520 Setup for your device. So read on and find out how you can complete printer setup for your device.

How to Setup Canon PIXMA TR8520 Printer

  1. First, After you buy a Canon TR8520 printer from the manufacturer, then check if the manufacturer's seal is on the box of your printer.
  2. Then Unseal your printer box and open it.
  3. Then Make sure your printer components are available in the box.
  4. Then take the printer out of the box and place it on a flat surface.
  5. Remove the orange protective tape.
  6. Then remove the packaging material from the printer.
  7. Then Unpack the power cord that came with the printer box.
  8. Plug one end of the cable into a power source and the other end into the printer.
  9. Then Lift the access door at the top of the printer.
  10. Then Unpack the ink cartridges provided in the printer package.
  11. Then Remove the protective component on the cartridge.
  12. Then Insert the cartridge into the appropriate slot.
  13. And Load the paper tray with the appropriate sheet.
  14. Finally, Download the printer software on your computer and complete the printer setup for the first time.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Driver for Windows

  1. First, Download the Canon PIXMA TR8520 printer driver from the installation CD provided in the printer box or the Download Driver button on this website.
  2. And We offer newly released full featured printer drivers compatible with any version of Windows operating system.
  3. Then Locate and click the Download Driver button on this page.
  4. Now your system starts downloading the printer software.
  5. Then Wait for the download to complete.
  6. Finally, after you download the driver, then save it in the destination folder on your computer or laptop.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Driver for Mac

  1. First, Get the Canon PIXMA TR8520 Setup printer driver on your Mac device either from the software CD provided in the printer box or the Download Driver button on this page.
  2. Then to take advantage of the drivers from the CD, make sure your Mac device has a disk drive.
  3. Because most newly manufactured Mac devices don't have a disk drive.
  4. then copy the contents of the CD in the flash drive.
  5. Then insert the flash drive into your Mac or laptop computer.
  6. Finally, paste the copied content into the desired folder on your computer and complete the driver download process.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 How to Scan

  1. First, When you download the drivers for your Canon Pixma TR8520 printer, make sure you also select the IJ Scan Utility tool.
  2. Then this tool lets you scan automatically from your printer.
  3. Then turn on your Canon Pixma TR8520 Setup printer and wait for it to idle.
  4. Then take a printed copy of the document and position it on the scanner plate or ADF.
  5. Then start the IJ Scan Utility tool and click Automatic.
  6. Finally, the scanning process starts and saves the scanned job on your computer.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Wireless Setup Manual Downloads

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Download Wireless Setup on Android Tablets and Smartphones

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We hope that these simple steps will make it easier for you to connect the Canon PIXMA TR8520 to WiFi to print your documents. Make sure you follow each of our handpicked guidelines carefully to avoid technical problems in the process. Once you have completed our preferred setup, you can print the document whenever you want to use your canon printer. If you still have any doubts about our Canon PIXMA TR8520 WiFi Setup, we are recommending you to contact a Canon printer expert, then you have expert information to solve it quickly.

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