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Canon PIXMA MG5150 Wireless Setup

Canon PIXMA MG5150 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Copier and Scanner Setup

PIXMA MG5150 is a versatile printer that can print, scan and copy by carrying the max print resolution of the fine print head of 9600 X 2400 dpi ADF. Using a 5 ink system, fine ink droplets of up to 1 Pico liter for the micro head and this printer also has a direct camera, memory card and photo printing technology for mobile phones. Canon PIXMA MG5150 also has a copy resolution of approximately 20 seconds compared to the first copy and a maximum color depth of 1200 x 2400 dpi 48 bits (internal), 24 bit (external) USB 2.0 interface, Bluetooth material PGI-525PGBK, CLI-526 ° C , M, Y, BK Dimensions 455 x 368 x 160 mm, Weight approx. 7.8 kg. The quality of your important documents and photos will produce outstanding quality because this printer uses ink cartridges in InknTonerUK's Canon CLI-521 CMYK Multipack Ink Cartridges & Paper, when the cartridges are low you don't have to panic because this machine won't let the quality drop one bit . This printer is suitable for you to use at home or at the office.

To use this type of printer, you must complete the Canon PIXMA MG5150 Setup and after that you can enjoy using the printing services offered by Canon. To make it easier for you to work with this printer, you must complete Canon PIXMA MG5150 Setup, Drivers for your device. So read on and find out how you can complete printer setup for your device.

Canon PIXMA MG5150 Wireless Setup

  1. The first step, make sure the Canon Pixma MG5150 printer is on.
  2. Then Press and hold the [Wi-Fi ] button on the top of your printer until the orange alarm light flashes once and then release it.
  3. then Make sure the Wi-Fi button starts flashing blue then go to your access point and press the [WPS] button within 2 minutes.
  4. And Make sure your printer is turned on.
  5. Next Load a sheet of A4 or Letter sized plain paper.
  6. Then Press and hold the Cancel Button, then the button until the orange alarm light flashes 15 times then release. And a network information page will be printed.
  7. This concludes the WPS setup procedure.
  8. Then Please proceed with installing software to get the most out of your PIXMA MG5150.
  9. If you do not have the installation CD that came with your product, then please download the manual and software.
  10. Final step, If Canon Pixma MG5150 wireless setup still fails after following this guide then please contact us for further assistance.

Canon PIXMA MG5150 Setup For Windows

  1. The first step, To get started, you need to prepare everything you need such as a laptop, printer, USB cable that connects the printer to the laptop, and also a driver CD.
  2. Then make sure the USB cable is compatible with the USB slot on your laptop.
  3. Next If you have lost the driver CD, then you can simply download the installation file from the website.
  4. Then make sure you download the one that fits your printer model.
  5. Then After you have prepared all that, you only need to run the installation setup program that you already have, from the driver CD or from the file you downloaded.
  6. The next thing you need to do is wait for the whole process to finish.
  7. And during this time, you will be asked to select several options like components, installation location, your name, and a few other things.
  8. Then Make sure you fill in the options correctly.
  9. After the installation wizard is complete, your printer is ready to use.
  10. The last step, you have to start printing the page to make sure that the printer has been installed successfully.

Canon PIXMA MG5150 Setup For Mac

  1. The first step, Download the file for the location where the file is saved, then check your computer settings.
  2. Then Double-click the downloaded file and install it in the Disk Image.
  3. Then double-click the installed disk image.
  4. Then Double-click the file that is packaged in that folder.
  5. Finally, the Installation will start automatically.

Canon PIXMA MG5150 Manual Pdf Downloads

Click on the specific topic below to get detail information

Download MG5100 series User Manual (Windows)

Download MG5100 series User Manual (Mac)

Download User Guide

Download Guide for My Image Garden (Windows)

Download Guide for My Image Garden (Mac)

Download Guide for Quick Menu (Windows)

Download Guide for Quick Menu (Mac)

We hope that these simple steps will make it easier for you to connect the Canon PIXMA MG5150 to WiFi to print your documents. Make sure you follow each of our handpicked guidelines carefully to avoid technical problems in the process. Once you have completed our preferred setup, you can print the document whenever you want to use your canon printer. If you still have any doubts about our Canon PIXMA MG5150 WiFi Setup, we are recommending you to contact a Canon printer expert, then you have expert information to solve it quickly.

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